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The complete history of Australia's greatest sporting club


About Collingwood Forever


Collingwood Forever is a project dedicated to honouring the rich history of Australia’s mightiest sporting club, the Collingwood Football Club.

This interactive and ever-evolving archive provides a place for Collingwood supporters to access the profiles of every past player, find match results dating back to 1897, a timeline showcasing the history of their club and a depth of feature articles.

Supporters have the ability to research, discover and learn about the famous characters and iconic moments that make up the tapestry of the Collingwood Football Club.

Please note that this site is constantly developing as the team at Collingwood Media receive new content on a daily basis.

Contributions are welcomed and encouraged by emailing

Collingwood Forever houses archived content and stats only. To view current player profiles, or match statistics, please visit the Collingwood Football Club website.

The data published on this site is generated from a number of copyrighted sources including Champion Data, the Collingwood Football Club archives and AFL Tables.

Contributors include Michael Roberts (CFC author and historian), Glenn McFarlane (journalist), the Collingwood Archives Committee, Col Hutchinson (AFL statistician), AFL Photos and the team at Collingwood Media.

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