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The complete history of the Mighty Magpies

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Alf Toll
Tom Paterson
A view of the social club in 1959.
Eddie McGuire
Basil Smith
Phonse Kyne embraces Lou Richards after Collingwood secures the 1953 Flag.
Bill Strickland
Joe Rouse
Jim Sharp
The 1896 Premiers.
Harry Orford
Back row: S Blanch (bootstudder), J Dicker (Committee), G Carrison (Committee), J Thatcher, B Gray, A Chapman, D Dalton, W Skewes (Committee), T Smith (Door steward), K Tate (trainer). Third row: L Bromley (Committee), K Huppatz, D Wright, L Clark, N Vincent, E Burgess, A Pond(Committee), T Pew (Committee). Second row: R Smith (Trainer), L Lees (Head trainer), J Smith (secretary), M Ballantyne, R Sanders, L Adamson, G Jenkin, L Evans, M Pitt, I Bremner, Fr Bruce (Committee), B Lewis (Trainer), G Hudd (Committee). Front row: R Patterson (Property steward), J Burton, P Wadham, L Thompson, J Smith (Chairman), E Hutchesson (Captain), N Mann (Coach), J Mahon, V Ellis, D Searl, J Morrison (Messenger).
Ernest 'Bud' Copeland played a key role as secretary of the club.
Tom Hafey coaching for Collingwood in the 1980s
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