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The complete history of the Mighty Magpies

7 June 1902 | Round 6

  • Collingwood
  • vs.
  • Essendon

Victoria Park (Home)

  • 6.15 (51)

    • QT 12.1

    • QT 23.3

    • QT 34.8

    • QT 46.15

  • -

  • 11.10 (76)

    • QT 12.2

    • QT 26.3

    • QT 310.8

    • QT 411.10

Match Report


Essendon faced Collingwood at Victoria Park, in the presence of a crowd, which, though not up to expectations, was still a large one. Rowell, whose explanation of his play in the Fitzroy- Collingwood match has been accepted by the executive of his club as satisfactory, M’Cormack, Dow, and Boyack were out of the Collingwood team, and Smith took his place for the first time this year. Baxter, Wright, and Cochrane were absent from Essendon. 

It was a fine game in the first quarter, each side scoring two goals, Thurgood getting both for Essendon and Tulloch and Smith scoring for the Magpies; each side also hit the post. Collingwood were passing to one another, and helping each other, as well, if not better, than Essendon, but the latter were showing the greater dash and vigour. 

In the second quarter Essendon put on 4 goals (two by Thurgood, one by M’Kenzie, and one from a fine running shot by Hiskens), and 1 behind; while Collingwood added 1 goal (E. Lockwood) and 2 behinds.

Essendon had done well, but not so well as the scores show, for Collingwood had had a deal of the game, but the Essendon backs, headed by Gavin, were playing finely, and the Collingwood forwards were kept quiet. Up to this there had been nothing in it, and it was a fine game to watch.

After half-time, however, Essendon came with one of their old-time, irresistible third quarters, and running, marking, and kicking in splendid style, scored 4 goals 5 behinds to 1 behind before Collingwood could hold them. Hiskens got two of those goals by splendid play and running shots; Martin and Robinson scoring the other two. Then Collingwood rallied, and, before the end of the quarter, they added 4 behinds and a goal (Pears). This had been Essendon’s quarter, and they led by 36 points at the final change. 

The Magpies had a lot in them still, however, and, swooping down on Essendon, they made heroic, but futile, efforts to wipe out the deficit, and kicked 2 goals 7 behinds to 1 goal 2 behinds.

They forced the game, and, for two-thirds of the quarter, had the ball round the Essendon goal, and, plugging away, out-played Essendon in picking out their men and passing to them. 

The game, which in the first half had been fine, open, breezy football, was not so good to watch after- wards, when either one side or the other was in the ascendant. To Essendon the match afforded conflicting sensations; first the satisfactory feeling that the side was at length showing its true form, and later the disquieting knowledge that the finishing powers of the team are not yet as they ought to be. 

Fitzroy has to be faced next Saturday, and Essendon needs still further training.  

D’ Helin, who umpired, began by being very strict, but later on relaxed somewhat, and the game suffered.

Gavin was the best man on the Essendon side, his half-back work being splendid. He always plays well against Collingwood, and this was one of his best efforts. Collins and Robinson, on the half-back line with him, were very good, and the latter was also useful forward. Barry, back and roving, was excellent, and nothing better in the game was seen that one dash of his. Hastings, forward, was better than when in the centre, where Condon had the better of him.

In fact, across the centre line Essendon had none the best of it, for, though Vollugi played well, Pannam was his master, and Allen had quite as much to say as Kennedy. The two big men, Thurgood and Hiskens, half-forward, were in great form, bagging 4 and 3 goals respectively. Thurgood was also very useful in defence, and all day played grandly. Larkin was clever forward, but closer attention to the ball would make him more serviceable to his side. Martin, Hall, and Kinnear were useful in their respective places, and Griffiths (who was one of the best men on the side), M’Kenzie, and O’Loghlen did good ruck work.  

For Collingwood Pannam, on the wing, was very fine. His methods are not, perhaps, the most gentle, but he played splendid football. Condon, in the centre, was at his best, and also roved well. Monohan, half-back, made no mistakes, and Dummett, Rush, E. Leach, Incoll, and Proud- foot gave him every assistance in defence. Allen was excellent on the wing. E. Lockwood, Pears, and G. Lockwood at times did well, and Tulloch was always noticeable. Hailwood played a splendid solid ruck game, with plenty of dash. He was, perhaps, allowed to pull through a good deal, but for useful work no one in the game surpassed him.

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