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The complete history of the Mighty Magpies

21 June 1902 | Round 9

  • Collingwood
  • vs.
  • Melbourne

Victoria Park (Home)

  • 7.19 (61)

    • QT 11.2

    • QT 22.8

    • QT 33.11

    • QT 47.19

  • -

  • 4.7 (31)

    • QT 11.5

    • QT 21.6

    • QT 34.7

    • QT 44.7

Match Report


Rowell took his place again in the Collingwood team on Saturday, and played fine football. He went into it hard, and, in addition, kicked a couple of goals. Pears was away, Farrell taking his place. M’Clelland, Herring, and Boully were away from Melbourne, and Parkin took command of the side. 

It was not a fast game in the first half, and Collingwood, picking their men better and marking more surely, led by 2-3 to 1-6 at half-time. 

It was a faster, better game in the third quarter, and Melbourne, playing better than before, put on three goals; Coutie (from a punt), Ryan (with a snapshot), and Langley (by brilliant play with a running shot). Then Collingwood prevailed, and added a couple of behinds and a goal, cleverly snapped by Condon before the quarter ended, with Melbourne two points to the good. 

All prospects of a good finish were, however, soon dispelled, for Collingwood had things all their own way, and, with Melbourne all over the place, the Magpies ran away with the game.

A. Lench got his fourth goal; then Rowell kicked one over his head, and another from a free kick; while Smith wound up the day with a clever screw-kick goal, and Collingwood ran out winners by 7-19 to 4-7. 

Considering the state of the ground, there were some fine passages. Collingwood excelled in kicking straight to their men. Crapp umpired with his usual ability.

Pannam again did well on the wing for Collingwood, and Allen on the other wing was also good. Condon (roving and forward) made no mistake, his marking and passing being very good. Hailwood did a lot of hard work, but he does not appear at his best in the wet. Monohan and G. Lockwood were very good in defence. M’Cormick, for three-quarters of the game, was a dashing defender, but he was off the ground nearly the whole of the third quarter owing to injury.

Proudfoot and Dummett were strong backs. Angus, a new man, played a very fine game forward, where A. Leach, Tulloch, and Fell were also in evidence.

On the Melbourne side, Parkin’s responsibilities as captain made him more earnest than usual, and he played a fine hard game, but in his eagerness gave several free kicks. Bowe did well back, despite the fact that he was hampered by a broken finger, which he carried in splints in the second half. Purse and Pafflett (back), Sowden and Cathie (wings), Coutie, Lewis, Rainey (forward) Anderson, a new ruck man, from the Leopold team, and Hocking (roving), all did well. Young, in the centre, and Langley (roving and forward), however, deserve special mention for their fine performances.  

Team Stats

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  • K Kicks
  • H Handballs
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  • M Marks
  • HO Hit Outs
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