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The complete history of the Mighty Magpies

14 June 1902 | Round 8

  • Collingwood
  • vs.
  • South Melbourne

Victoria Park (Home)

  • 4.26 (50)

    • QT 10.3

    • QT 20.7

    • QT 32.13

    • QT 44.26

  • -

  • 1.8 (14)

    • QT 11.2

    • QT 21.6

    • QT 31.7

    • QT 41.8

Match Report


The first half of the game at Collingwood was a splendid one, in which South Melbourne were quicker to the ball, but Collingwood were better in the six. South Melbourne were playing as well as at any time this year, and at half-time led by 1 goal 6 behinds to 7 behinds.

After the interval, however, an extraordinary change came over the game, and Collingwood literally walked away from their opponents, and playing grandly together besieged the Southerners’ goal, but they could not kick straight, and no fewer than 12 behinds came in succession.

In all Collingwood, in the second half of the game, added 3 goals 10 behinds to 2 behinds-26 behinds for only 4 goals does not speak well for the accuracy of the Magpie forwards. South Melbourne seemed to lose heart towards the end, and the match was a procession.

Carries umpired, but he was rather too quick in calling “ball up” and missed some serious breaches of the rules.

George Lockwood was the best man on the ground in the first quarter, and did well afterwards, his work at halfback being splendid. Proudfoot, Dummett, Monohan, M’Conmack, and Rush were all useful defenders.

Pannam was again one of the best-if not the very best-men on the ground, and he beat Howson on the wing; Allen, on the other wing, did well against Williamson. Condon, Tulloch, Fell, Angus, Hailwood, and Pears are also worth mention. 

For South Melbourne, King and the two Adamsons (back), Worroll, Fogarty, Pleass, and Alley (ruck), Rippon (centre), Goding (forward), Williamson (wing), and Windley (everywhere} were the best.

Team Stats

  • # Guernsey
  • GL Goals
  • B Behinds
  • K Kicks
  • H Handballs
  • D Disposals
  • M Marks
  • HO Hit Outs
  • FF Frees For
  • FA Frees Against
  • T Tackles
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