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The complete history of the Mighty Magpies

3 May 1902 | Round 1

  • South Melbourne
  • vs.
  • Collingwood

Lake Oval (Away)

  • 3.7 (25)

    • QT 11.0

    • QT 21.2

    • QT 31.6

    • QT 43.7

  • -

  • 5.13 (43)

    • QT 13.4

    • QT 24.8

    • QT 34.13

    • QT 45.13

Match Report



The football season of 1902 was ushered in on beautiful weather on Saturday, and in the league, association, and junior matches there was a deal of interest taken, which augurs well for the success of the game this winter. Taking the attendances at the league and association matches together there must have been close on 40,000 people present at the eight leading games on Saturday.

The grounds were in most cases rather too hard for the players, and the warm sun found out the weak spots in the training, so that the final quarter of most of the games was slow, and players showed the effects of their exertions.

There were about 5,000 people at South Melbourne to see the game between Collingwood and South Melbourne, and it was a demonstrative crowd, ready to applaud any good play. They did not see a particularly good game, for there was too much crowding on the ball, and only at times was the play open. 

Collingwood’s hand-passing and short-kicking was excellent, while in the South Melbourne play there was but little system. 

For three quarters of the game it was very much in Collingwood’s favour, but in the final term the Southerners settled down, and were attacking nearly all the time.

The final result was- Collingwood, 5-13; South Melbourne, 3-7.

South Melbourne played Alley, a Footscray junior, whom Essendon thought they had secured, Hammond from the Palmerston Club, Kelly, West Melbourne; and Smith, Blenheim, and they also found room for Hassett, late of Port Melbourne, to whom a permit was granted last week. The League, however, later on requested South Melbourne not to pick him, but to everyone’s surprise he was found in the team.

The Collingwood recruits were- Pears (Port Melbourne), M’Cormack (Northcote), Newbound (Collingwood Juniors), Allan (South Melbourne Juniors), and Incoll (late of South Melbourne). 

Crapp umpired the game satisfactorily.

In the first quarter Hailwood was the best man on the ground, and he played well all day, but got more than his share of the hard knocks. Monohan was the best of the Collingwood backs, and his high marking was up to his best standard. Rush did well until hurt just before half-time, and E. Leach and M’Cormack were useful defenders. 

Pannam, who was elected vice-captain, beat Williamson badly on the wing, and played finely, despite a nasty cut from the ball. Allan, a clever, quick chap from Blenheim, had an even go on the other wing with Bower Rowell, at half-forward, was the best man on the side, and his kicking, running, and general play being very good. Pears, half-forward and Farrell, forward and roving, did well, and A. Leach marked surely but kicked badly. Tulloch, who has been elected captain, had plenty to do arranging his team, but was often noticeable.

For South Melbourne, Windley in the first half was as good as anyone at half-back, his kicking being first-class. He has been elected captain again, with Adamson, who marked well as his first lieutenant. Garbutt and Kelly were busy backs, and Bower on the wing had none the worst of his tussle with Allan. Rippon in the centre beat Newbound, and Powell who, after marking well forward, was sent on the ball in the last quarter, was very busy. He made the finest mark of the day, from which he scored South Melbourne’s third goal. Worroll following was one of the best men in the game, and Alley (forward and following), Lampe (forward), and Hassett (roving) also did well.

Team Stats

  • # Guernsey
  • GL Goals
  • B Behinds
  • K Kicks
  • H Handballs
  • D Disposals
  • M Marks
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