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The complete history of the Mighty Magpies

8 August 1903 | Round 14

  • Essendon
  • vs.
  • Collingwood

East Melb Cricket Ground (Away)

  • 7.4 (46)

    • QT 12.0

    • QT 26.2

    • QT 36.2

    • QT 47.4

  • -

  • 11.7 (73)

    • QT 13.2

    • QT 25.4

    • QT 39.6

    • QT 411.7

Match Report


Essendon were again beaten by Collingwood at East Melbourne on Saturday, but they made a first-rate display against, the leaders, better, indeed, even than the proportion in points indicates. The crowd was not quite so large as it looked, for people spread themselves over the fine embankment at East Melbourne, which gives such a good view of the game.

There was football of the finest on both sides, and Essendon played up to well that they were able to bring the game somewhat in their favour before half-time. They looked to be in a flattering position, but there was a general feeling all the same that if it came to playing for a few points at the finish form would inevitably assert itself.

For the first 10 minutes of the third quarter Essendon continued to play with the most creditable dash and accuracy in every part of the field, except the Collingwood goal-front, and there against that array of fine defenders, in the magpie jackets, they spent their strength uselessly. With a couple of their old stalwarts up there to meet the Collingwood backs at their own game to go up with them for the ball, and if not to beat them, baulk them, it would have made a world of difference in the result, but Essendon got nothing but credit for their exertions, and the inevitable stage came when Collingwood rattled on four goals, two of them the outcome, of fine individual efforts by Rowell. The first he got from a range of well over 50 yards; for the next he took an equally good mark, then dashing and dodging in, made it an easy goal. Although this practically deprived Essendon of their last hope, they fought against the odds, with fine persistency, and for nearly half the term they made it a game to be thoroughly appreciated; but Collingwood were in command again before the finish, and Lockwood got a couple more goals for them. None the less, it was a game to which the Red and Black need look back with no sense of shame.

The strength of Collingwood‘s defence was, of course, a feature, for though Monahan, like Drohan, was, something under his best, Incoll and Dummett were most reliable. Pannam played his customarily clever wing game, and, with Rowell, Lockwood, Spiers, and E. Leach forward, there was little lost in opportunity. In the closer work Peers, Condon, A. Leach, and Angus were always right up to form.

Essendon old players drift back to them in their difficulties. Larkin played for the first time this season, and played well. Marr, Collins, Anderson, Barry, and Geggie made up an even meritorious defence, while all three of their centre men, Baxter, Gilligan, and Hastings made a good showing against Collingwood‘s strong line. Smith played a fine game in the ruck, and so did Griffiths roving, while Martin and Carkeeck were a couple of very useful forwards.

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