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The complete history of the Mighty Magpies

3 September 1910 | Round 18

  • Collingwood
  • vs.
  • Geelong

Victoria Park (Home)

  • 4.13 (37)

    • QT 11.4

    • QT 21.8

    • QT 33.12

    • QT 44.13

  • -

  • 2.9 (21)

    • QT 11.3

    • QT 21.6

    • QT 32.8

    • QT 42.9

Match Report


The Geelong team came up in two special trains to Victoria-park to put their last chance for this season to the touch. With a little luck they might have won, but as South Melbourne were able to defeat Fitzroy in the only other game having a bearing on the finals, even victory at Victoria-park would not have helped Geelong. Their fault was very bad work amongst the forwards, who usually serve them best; their bad luck in not getting the open game, which would have suited them, because after rain had fallen for some time the ball got too greasy for fast, open football, and win much out of bounds in the corner to the right of the river goal.

There were a few ceremonies before the game started. First Martini and Lee, the crack goal kickers on each side, were photographed together. Then the Collingwood team made presentations to their trainer, “Wal” Lee, and their Hon secretary, Mr. P. W. Copeland, in connection with the recent tour.

On commencing Geelong had whatever advantage was to be obtained from the wind, but Collingwood scored first. Vernon and Gibb brought the ball to the front, where Ryan shot it deftly out of a crush to Baxter, who snipped first goal. Immediately afterwards he hit the post with a second shot.

For Geelong, Armstrong and Grigg were prominent in retaliation, but Stater missed rather an easy chance. Geelong’s followers were playing soundly, but their forwards – Doull, Fairbairn, and Martini filed them altogether. From the good play of Slater and Heinz, Doull, got their first goal, and only a point separated the teams at the close of the quarter. For some time after commencing the second quarter Geelong were within range, and Doull missed another chance. In good, even battling Collingwood got their turn, but Lee and Gibb could only add behinds. A fine chain of mark by Grigg, Moran, Doull, and Eason looked like scoring once, but Mclvor saved Collingwood with a mark right in goal.

After some uninteresting packed play, Geelong had four easy shots in quick succession, without any material gain, and at half time Collingwood were leading by two points Geelong had had the better scoring chances, several of Collingwood’s points having been rushed in a crush.Both scored goals early in the third term, Baxter from a mark getting Collingwood’s second, while Slater was successful for Geelong, following upon some smart football by Scown. Martin, and Lleinz. A big try by Orchard was nullified by Rowell’s smart play on the home line, and Lee scored a goal for Collingwood just on the third bell, giving them a ten point’s lead.

The last quarter was very evenlyplayed, with little gain to either side, but once  more, almost on the stroke of the bell, Lee scored last goal for Collingwood, who won by 16 points.

The feature of the match was the extent to which Collingwood’s back dominated Geelong’s forwards. On the winning side, Scadden, Angus, and McHaile, in about that order of merit, shared the chief honours but Lee, Gibb, Vernon, Wilson, Baxter, Ryan, and Rowell were all very fine.

The first pick of the Geelong men were Grigg, Slater, and Armstrong. Others who did good work were Cameron, Orchard, Marsham, the two Easons, Martin, and Palmer.

1910 ‘THE LEAGUE MATCHES.’, The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1957), 5 September, p. 5, viewed 7 August, 2015,

Team Stats

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