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The complete history of the Mighty Magpies

6 June 1910 | Round 6

  • Fitzroy
  • vs.
  • Collingwood

Brunswick St Oval (Away)

  • 7.9 (51)

    • QT 12.1

    • QT 23.4

    • QT 35.7

    • QT 47.9

  • -

  • 11.14 (80)

    • QT 15.0

    • QT 26.7

    • QT 37.11

    • QT 411.14

Match Report


There was another fine attendance of about 15,000 people at Fitzroy for the game between Collingwood and Fitzroy. The home team were, however, further handicapped, because, in addition to their captain (Sharp), Walker and Newbound were both away, and Milne had to captain the side, while keeping his end up in the ruck.

The early stages of the game left Fitzroy despondent, for Collingwood, with a series of rushes along the wing, in which different men in turn served them, scored five goals without a break. Two of these were scored by Ryan, as the result of fine, breezy dashes by Gibb, who had recovered his best form, and Baxter and Seudden in turn helped other men to score. Fitzroy scored a goal early through Morrison taking prompt advantage of a mistake by Herbert. The second also followed from a fine centre dash by Morrison, which gave Lambert the chance to get the goal. Five goals bare to Fitzroy’s 2-1 was Collingwood’s comfortable position at the end of the quarter.

The second quarter was more evenly played, but Collingwood went off their goal-shooting. They scored a goal by Lee, but otherwise only managed to increase their score by seven behinds. Fitzroy suffered from bad luck, for after Dick had got their third goal he had a second try from a free kick, and struck the post. Collingwood had still a lead of 21 point.

After half-time the game improved immensely, the Fitzroy fellows, under many disadvantages, playing a plucky game. Within 10 seconds of starting the quarter Milne passed the ball forward out of the ruck, and, Parratt getting it, scored Fitzroy’s fourth goal. After 10 minutes’ fast, eager football, Gibb dashed along the wing once more, and placed the ball in a scoring position where Baxter, with a free shot, bagged Collingwood’s seventh goal. It was again Morrison who played Fitzroy to advantage, a shot by Briggs scoring their fifth, though Collingwood still led by 16 points.

Early in the last term Briggs seemed to score a goal, but the ball was touched at the mark, and it only counted a point. Within a minute the same forward, who excels always in snapshots, got possession again, and this time made no mistake. The Fitzroy deficit had dropped to nine points, and looked like disappearing altogether, when Briggs punted seventh goal. They were going great guns at that stage, but one mistake threw them back. Pattison slung Wilson right in front of Fitzroy’s goal, and the Collingwood man, getting a goal from the shot, put an end to all further excitement.

Having got into the scoring mood again, Collingwood kept to it. Lee got an easy ninth goal for them; Ryan, with a drop-kick, scored the tenth; Lee came in for the eleventh, and the game which late in the last quarter promised a great finish, was comfortably won by Collingwood. The play was always fast, frequently brilliant, and Fitzroy, under difficulties, fought a game and gallant battle. Elder was very successful as umpire, and punished the common fault of holding to the ball when collared.

Ryan and Gibb both played in slashing style for Collingwood, who were almost equally well served by Shorten and Scudden. Other men in the colours who were seen to distinct advantage were McHale, Baxter, Wilson Oliver, Vernon and Lee who got three goals.

For Fitzroy Milne did gallant work all day and Morrison was very little, if anything behind him. Dick was a solid factor in their success, McLennon, fast and sure in the centre; Ferguson almost equally good on the wing; two of the older brigade, in Jenkins and Naismith, very valuable reserves; and Lambert always useful while Briggs scored three goals.

1910 ‘COLLINGWOOD’S EARLY LEAD.’, The Argus(Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1957), 7 June, p. 6, viewed 7 August, 2015,

Team Stats

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