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The complete history of the Mighty Magpies

28 July 1917 | Round 12

  • Carlton
  • vs.
  • Collingwood

Princes Park (Away)

  • 4.13 (37)

    • QT 11.5

    • QT 21.8

    • QT 33.12

    • QT 44.13

  • -

  • 3.8 (26)

    • QT 11.2

    • QT 21.6

    • QT 32.6

    • QT 43.8

Match Report


There was a large attendance at the game between Carlton and Collingwood played on Prince’s Oval, and the match was, in brief, a defenders’ game, and in that department of play both sides shone. In was a hard, fast match, the pressure being on all through, and at periods each side seemed likely to win.

Collingwood were perhaps a little bit better in the general play all through, but after half-time Carlton put considerably more weight into their dashes, and in that forced their way to victory. Collingwood’s forwards, and especially Lee, were closely guarded, and got very few opportunities during the match, though the same may be said for forwards on the opposite side.

The manner in which the backs dominated the match is illustrated by the fact that up to half-time only two goals had been scored, Carlton having 1-8 to Collingwood’s 1-6. But this was due in some measure to bad forward work. The opportunities were there, but were not utilised. The only goal got by Carlton in the first half was the result of some very effective play, starting with the clever handball by O’Brien from the half-back line.

In the third quarter Carlton had considerably the better of of the play, and put on 2 goals 4 behinds to Collingwood’s one goal. That was the only period of the match when either side showed marked superiority. At the last change the scores were Carlton 3-12 to Collingwood’s 2-6.

The last term was very evenly played. With the scoring still low, and Carlton on the merits just about deserved their win, with the scores as follows: – CARLTON, 4 goals 13 behinds (37 points), COLLINGWOOD, 3 goals 8 behinds (26 points).

The pick of Carlton’s players were O’Brien, Brown, McDonald, McGregor, Daykin, Hanghton, and Lear. Dick was the only forward on either side who scored two goals. On the Collingwood side the prominent men were Hughes, Anderson, Green, Wilson, Drummond, Saunders, and Wraith.

1917 ‘CARLTON V. COLLINGWOOD.’, The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1957), 30 July, p. 4, viewed 21 August, 2015,

Team Stats

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