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The complete history of the Mighty Magpies

14 July 1917 | Round 10

  • Collingwood
  • vs.
  • Geelong

Victoria Park (Home)

  • 10.19 (79)

    • QT 13.3

    • QT 25.8

    • QT 39.12

    • QT 410.19

  • -

  • 2.11 (23)

    • QT 10.4

    • QT 20.6

    • QT 32.6

    • QT 42.11

Match Report


Two of the three games played on Saturday were spoiled by heavy winds blowing across the grounds. This was the case at Victoria Park, where Geelong met the home side, and utterly failed to reproduce anything like their form of recent Saturdays.

The game was indifferent at every stage, and what merit lay in it was generally due to Collingwood. If anything, the football got worse as the play went on, and the redeeming point in the game was its fairness, and the good spirit shown all round.

Geelong’s kicking was bad, but neither side had much to boast in that respect. Lee heading the scoring amongst Collingwood’s sharpshooters with four goals, and the final was: – COLLINGWOOD 10 goals, 19 behinds, GEELONG 2 goals, 11 behinds.

For Collingwood, Wilson roving was in the first-rate form, and others who played pretty fair football were Anderson and Brown (back). Pannam and Drummond (on the centre line), and Wraith and Lee amongst the forwards. Armstrong was by a good deal the best of the Geelong men, for whom Brownless, Craven (half-forward), Grey (in the ruck), and Ellingson all did very fair work.

1917 ‘NOTES ON SATURDAY’S GAMES.’, The Argus(Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1957), 16 July, p. 5, viewed 21 August, 2015,

Team Stats

  • # Guernsey
  • GL Goals
  • B Behinds
  • K Kicks
  • H Handballs
  • D Disposals
  • M Marks
  • HO Hit Outs
  • FF Frees For
  • FA Frees Against
  • T Tackles
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