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The complete history of the Mighty Magpies

21 July 1917 | Round 11

  • Collingwood
  • vs.
  • Richmond

Victoria Park (Home)

  • 11.19 (85)

    • QT 14.10

    • QT 26.12

    • QT 39.17

    • QT 411.19

  • -

  • 7.7 (49)

    • QT 10.0

    • QT 23.3

    • QT 34.4

    • QT 47.7

Match Report


In the match between Collingwood and Richmond the latter were outplayed almost throughout the game, and never looked like winning. Richmond was weak in the ruck, and that fault was never remedied until the third quarter, when, headed by Herbert, their pack improved.

With a strong wind blowing the play was much in favour of side kicking to the railway end, but Collingwood, whether with the wind or against in, were always able to keep command. One point above all others commanded public interest in the game. Lee, the champion forward for Collingwood, has been playing about twelve years, though out of it during the whole of one season, and for periods on other occasions, owing to an old injury to the knee.

In the second quarter he kicked a nice goal from a shot against the wind, about 35 yards out, and this gave him a record of 500 goals in League matches. The goal was, of course, especially cheered, and the Richmond fellows joined with Collingwood in congratulating Lee on his record. During this game he got six goals. Collingwood practically had the game won in the first quarter, when they got 4 goals and 10 behinds, or 34 points, to nothing. Such a lead proved to be overwhelming.

In the second quarter they got 2 goals 2 behinds to Richmond’s 3-3, and, briefly, the result was never in doubt. The final was: – COLLINGWOOD, 11 goals 19 behinds (85 points), RICHMOND, 7 goals 7 behinds (49 points).

On the winning side very capable defenders were Colechin, Anderson, and Green. Their centre line, composed of Drummond, Pannam, and (when not roving) Wilson, was equally sound; while Wraith, Dobright, Hughes, Reynolds, and Laxton all did well. Richmond’s best work was in defence, where Bettles, Gleeson, Stewart, and Bristowe had a lot to do. Practically the centre men were also playing in defence. Hede being especially noticeable. Others who did well were Shand, Rudd, Herbert, Hall and Arbress, the last named a new player in the team.

1917 ‘League Games.’, The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1957), 23 July, p. 4, viewed 21 August, 2015,

Team Stats

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  • B Behinds
  • K Kicks
  • H Handballs
  • D Disposals
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  • HO Hit Outs
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