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The complete history of the Mighty Magpies

6 September 1919 | Round 17

  • Collingwood
  • vs.
  • Essendon

Victoria Park (Home)

  • 9.13 (67)

    • QT 11.3

    • QT 25.6

    • QT 37.12

    • QT 49.13

  • -

  • 5.14 (44)

    • QT 12.7

    • QT 23.8

    • QT 33.10

    • QT 45.14

Match Report


Although there were the faults in high marking which are to be expected with a high cross wind, the game between Essendon and Collingwood furnished some fine football, and the interest was sustained until within a few minutes of the finish. It was only in their effective handball, which so often got them out of a difficulty, that Collingwood showed a decided and sustained superiority.

There was some very interesting football in the opening quarter, which was played at a cracking pace, and generally in Essendon’s favour. Had their forward work compared at all favourably with Collingwood’s, they might have had a good lead. They got two goals before their opponents scored. They got two goals before their opponents scored, then lost the trick of it and made several bad mistakes. They finished the term with 2-7 to Collingwood’s 1-3.

In the second quarter, Collingwood were always slightly the better side. Their combination was better than Essendon’s, and the gain of four goals to one was mainly a consequence of it. At half-time Collingwood led by 5-6 to 3-8.

Essendon, scoring only two points in the third quarter, fell further behind, and, with Collingwood leading by 7-12 to 3-10, interest in the match seemed almost gone. Some unnecessary vigour towards the finish of the third quarter – the reason for which was never apparent – seemed to sharpen up Essendon, who played with fine dash, and when two goals were scored in quick succession they seemed to have still a chance, as Collingwood’s lead was reduced at one stage to 13 points.

The game was full of dash, and at times a spice of something else, and both rucks were then seen at about their best. Half-way through the term Essendon had shot their bolt, and thence on to the finish Collingwood were a winning side. Collingwood’s concert was again seen to effect at the finish of the match, and largely through the prettiest feature of football and their strong combination forward they won with the scores as follows: – COLLINGWOOD 9 goals 13 behinds (67 points), ESSENDON 5 goals 14 behinds (44 points).

P. Wilson, who has in recent games shown his best form, was the most prominent man in Collingwood colours, whether roving or placed. It was not one of Lee’s best days, but Curtis, although not getting many goals, was in his best humour forward. Their backs were strong. Saunders most prominent as goal defender, with Mutch and Brown in front of him both playing well. McCarthy and Laxton, brought into the team again, were both factors of consequence. Wraith was clever all through, and Tuomey very much on view at the finish. Essendon’s half-forward, Laidlaw, was their best player, though Walker was always conspicuous in the ruck, where Ogden, a little under his best, was still effective. In the earlier stages Sullivan was a little better than Tuomey, Dussell, though yet only a boy, kicked and marked finely, while McDonald, Laing, and Bowe did more than their share.

1919 ‘A GOOD GAME.’, The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1957), 8 September, p. 8, viewed 30 September, 2015,

Team Stats

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