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The complete history of the Mighty Magpies

9 August 1919 | Round 13

  • Collingwood
  • vs.
  • Richmond

Victoria Park (Home)

  • 11.12 (78)

    • QT 13.4

    • QT 24.7

    • QT 36.11

    • QT 411.12

  • -

  • 9.11 (65)

    • QT 11.1

    • QT 25.6

    • QT 36.10

    • QT 49.11

Match Report


There were about 15,000 spectators at Collingwood, and they were wrought to a high pitch of excitement by a game which was in doubt right up to the last 10 minutes. It was, however, to some extent spoiled by inefficent umpiring. The first quarter was very evenly contested, excepting for about five minutes, in which Collingwood got a run on and scored three goals. R. Weatherill with a nice drop-kick got Richmond’s only goal, but Bayliss, who could not keep his feet, missed several easy shots. At quarter-time Collingwood had 3-4 to 1-4, but for the last part of the term Richmond did all the attacking.

In the second quarter the play was strenuous, Richmond played better together, with Reeves, in his first game for the season, doing magnificently on the back line. A chain of marks from Moffatt to Bayliss to Hughes brought Richmond’s second goal, and two more by Smith brought the scores level. Collingwood seemed to have lost their dash, and were obviously “rattled”. R. Weatherill, who got the ball from Herbert, put the visitors six points ahead. Collingwood rallied, but only a behind resulted, and the quarter ended with Richmond leading by five points.

The third term provided the best football of the day. Within a minute of the bounce Seddon scored, and put Collingwood ¬†point ahead, and shortly afterwards R. Lee, who cleverly marked behind the crowd, increased the lead to seven points. Towards the close of the quarter Bayliss out of a crush snapped Richmond’s sixth goal, and the quarter ended with Collingwood one point ahead, having 6-11 to 6-10. Just before the bell rang McCarthy, who was playing a fine game for Collingwood, injured the muscles of his back. He was assisted from the field, and took no further part in the game.

Abbott with a quick snap scored a goal, and put Richmond five points ahead. Collingwood, however, rose to the occasion magnificently, and the turning point of the game came when Lee, who was badly thrown, scored seventh goal, and almost immediately snapped another, which put Collingwood one point ahead. Herbert was once again brought into the ruck, but the Collingwood system was to “teed” Lee, who was quite equal to the occasion. He was taking shots from all angles, and loud cheers greeted his sixth and his side’s 10th goal, which gave them a lead of seven points. The issue was put beyond doubt when Curtis and Lee added further goals for the locals. It was extraordinary kicking, five goals giving been scored without a behind. Just before the finish Richmond scored a goal, but it was an expiring effort, and when the bell rang the final scores were: COLLINGWOOD 11 goals 12 behinds (78 points), RICHMOND 9 goals 11 behinds (65 points).
Until he was injured there was no better player on the ground than McCarthy, of Collingwood, following or half-back. Brown, Mutch, and Saunders were the pick of the back line, while in the centre Pannam was conspicuous. R. Lee, who kicked seven goals, was in fine form. Hughes following and Lumsden roving played well, while the best of the others were Curtis, Walton and P. Wilson in the last quarter.

On the Richmond side Reeves in defence was most conspicuous. Thorp and Hislop marked and kicked well. Morris was effective on the wing, and Moffat, Don, Abbott, Herbert, Hall, and Smith were also prominent.

1919 ‘WON IN THE LAST QUARTER.’, The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1957), 11 August, p. 8, viewed 24 September, 2015,

Team Stats

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  • GL Goals
  • B Behinds
  • K Kicks
  • H Handballs
  • D Disposals
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  • HO Hit Outs
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