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The complete history of the Mighty Magpies

21 June 1919 | Round 8

  • Essendon
  • vs.
  • Collingwood

East Melb Cricket Ground (Away)

  • 6.8 (44)

    • QT 11.1

    • QT 24.4

    • QT 35.6

    • QT 46.8

  • -

  • 10.10 (70)

    • QT 12.3

    • QT 24.6

    • QT 36.9

    • QT 410.10

Match Report


There was a fair attendance on the East Melbourne ground for the game between Essendon and Collingwood, and for three quarters of the match every possibility of a surprise, for Essendon, severely handicapped in the ruck with both Belcher and Ogden on the casualty list, played a surprisingly good game.

There was some splendid marking, very fair passing, with Collingwood rather in the head, for they played for scoring positions with rather more skill than their opponents, and more frequently got out of a difficulty by means of clever handball. It was just their little bit of knowledge that made the difference, for in high-marking the difference was with the red and black. With a cross wind the ball was blown very much into the grandstand corner.

In the first quarter Essendon, kicking up hill, were frequently on the defence, and, though the ball was much out of bounds, there was good football, with Collingwood showing the better form. Lee got their first goal from a free kick, Seddon scored the second, and then Dussell, from a beautiful mark and equally fine drop-kick, scored for Essendon. At quarter time Collingwood had 2-3 to Essendon’s 1-1. On the whole it was a poor term.

In the second quarter the game improved out of all recognition, and Essendon conspicuously improved with it. For a while they seemed to be running over Collingwood. Baring scored their second goal, Farrell the third, and Walsh the fourth, all three being got in an exhilarating burst of about five minutes.

At that stage Essendon had 4-1 to Collingwood’s 2-4, but the magpies came with a flutter towards the end of the quarter, when both Wraith and Laxton scored for them. At half time Collingwood led by 2 points, with scores of 4-6 to Essendon’s 4-4. It was a fine, open, breezy quarter, with Essendon generally in the advantage. Fine high-marking on both sides characterised the third quarter. Fitzmaurice giving Essendon a great lead. He is tall, and if he could kick as well as he marks he would be a great footballer.

For the first ten minutes Essendon had the advantage, but their forwards were inclined to bunch and get in each other’s way. In that respect Collingwood made fewer mistakes and got the benefit. Wraith scored their fifth goal, and Dussell immediately answered with another for Essendon, while Lee got sixth for Collingwood towards the end of the quarter. At the last change, Collingwood had 6-9 to Essendon’s 5-6.

Commencing the last quarter, first goal was got for Collingwood out of the crush, apparently by Tuomy, and it made a difference then in putting Collingwood 15 points ahead. Essendon were still a bit faulty in picking their forwards, though Farrell gave them hope when he scored sixth goal.

Play was fast and fine, but at that stage an incident which looked unpleasant for a moment occurred. There was some trouble between Lee and Bowe, and when Wraith interfered the trouble increased, and as a result Bowe was reported for striking Wraith. Lee kicked eighth goal for Collingwood, and that practically finished the match, for Essendon, having fought well up to that stage, collapsed. The final was – COLLINGWOOD – 10 goals 10 behinds (70 points), ESSENDON – 6 goals 8 behinds (44 points),

For Collingwood, Brown played a very finely on the half-back line, his marking and judgement both being sound, while Wilson seems to have picked up quite his old form as a centre-man. Laxton plugged away in his usual determined manner. Hughes took some fine marks in the crushes. Walton also marked well, but was not as clever as usual in dodging his man. McCarthy also took some fine marks, but kicked badly, while Seddon showed very marked improvement, both his marking and kicking being good. E.G. Wilson performed well on the wing, while Lee, who got 4 goals, took his usual importance share in the game.

In Essendon colours, Fitzmaurice was distinctly best. Indeed, he was not beaten in the match. Their defence, in the hands of Bowe, Laing, and Martin, was always sound. Donald played very nice football on the wing, while Farrell, as emergency rover, did very well indeed. Dussell was prominent both in the ruck and forward, while Walsh, Sutherland, and a returned soldier named Robertson all shaped well. Day and Saunders, as opposing full-backs, balanced each other nicely.

1919 ‘COLLINGWOOD V. ESSENDON.’, The Argus(Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1957), 23 June, p. 9, viewed 22 September, 2015,

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