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The complete history of the Mighty Magpies

17 May 1919 | Round 3

  • Geelong
  • vs.
  • Collingwood

Corio Oval (Away)

  • 5.2 (32)

    • QT 12.1

    • QT 22.1

    • QT 34.2

    • QT 45.2

  • -

  • 5.19 (49)

    • QT 10.5

    • QT 22.13

    • QT 33.16

    • QT 45.19

Match Report


Collingwood outplayed Geelong on the ground of the latter, and won by 17 points. On the merits of the game there should have been a wider margin in the scores, but Collingwood’s range-finding was very faulty, many easy shots being missed. Geelong were beaten in the air and in passing, but they made better use of scoring chances. It was a scrambling game, but when it opened there was some bright play.

There was a fair attendance. A strong southerly wind prevailed. Geelong were without Ellingsen, Maguire, Thomas and Brady, whose places were filled by Bendle, T. Brownless, Rankin and Craven. Lamsden replaced Drummond in the Collingwood team.

Collingwood did most of the attacking in the first quarter against the wind, but bad kicking robbed them of the advantage in the scores. Allen got Geelong’s first goal with a kick off the ground, T. Brownless and Kearney being helping factors. Hagger cleverly snapped second goal. Collingwood scored five behinds, and were eight points in the bad at the close of the term. Several times Gray and Moulden, who stood out in defence for Geelong, marked almost on the goal line.

In the second quarter Geelong were entirely on the defensive, and failed to score. Sheehy scored for Collingwood with a running kick, and Wraith stepped another goal, both efforts resulting from dashing play. At the interval Collingwood had a lead of a dozen points.

The third quarter was productive of fairly even play, and it was Geelong’s best term. Their tall follower, Marsham, who had been placed forward owing to an injured ankle, snapped a goal, part of the credit belonging to Gross and Hagger. Collingwood had a chance, but Curtis hit the goal-post from a 20-yard shot. Craven, Martini, and Hope were prominent forward for Geelong, and out of a scrimmage A. Johns kicked a goal. Tuomey made a dashing run up the centre of the ground, and Hughes capped the effort with a goal.

Eight points in Collingwood’s favour separated the teams at the end of the quarter. With Moulden and Marsham injured, Geelong were heavily handicapped. Youren kicked a goal for Collingwood, and Kearney followed suit for Geelong. It was the home team’s last effort. Lumsden scored for COllingwood, which equalised the goals. The final scores were: – COLLINGWOOD – 5 goals 19 behinds (49 points), GEELONG – 5 goals 2 behinds (32 points).

For Collingwood Laxton was an effective rover, and Hughes worked strenuously in the ruck. He was well assisted by Reynolds. Tuomey on the centre wing was the best placed man on the ground, and his dashing runs were a feature of the game. Dobrigh and Pannam also showed out across the centre. Wraith, Walton, Sheehy, Curtis, and Lumsden played well forward, but kicked poorly. Mutch and Brown were good defenders.

On the Geelong side, Gray in the ruck was always prominent. Moulden marked well on the back line, where Sutterby occasionally put in useful work. Collins, Rankin, and Gross were a good centre line, the former especially standing out. Peck, Marsham, A. Johns, Kearney, Craven, Hagger, and Allen were the best of the others.

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Team Stats

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