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The complete history of the Mighty Magpies

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Back row: S Blanch (bootstudder), J Dicker (Committee), G Carrison (Committee), J Thatcher, B Gray, A Chapman, D Dalton, W Skewes (Committee), T Smith (Door steward), K Tate (trainer). Third row: L Bromley (Committee), K Huppatz, D Wright, L Clark, N Vincent, E Burgess, A Pond(Committee), T Pew (Committee). Second row: R Smith (Trainer), L Lees (Head trainer), J Smith (secretary), M Ballantyne, R Sanders, L Adamson, G Jenkin, L Evans, M Pitt, I Bremner, Fr Bruce (Committee), B Lewis (Trainer), G Hudd (Committee). Front row: R Patterson (Property steward), J Burton, P Wadham, L Thompson, J Smith (Chairman), E Hutchesson (Captain), N Mann (Coach), J Mahon, V Ellis, D Searl, J Morrison (Messenger).
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