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The complete history of the Mighty Magpies

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A newspaper clipping from the Sunday edition of the Canberra Times featuring Warwick Capper taking a mark at Victoria Park.
John Hickey
The Rush Stand opened in 1966 and made life much more comfortable for patrons of the outer (Courtesy Getty Images).
ames Clement in action during the round 18 match against Carlton at the MCG.
Vin Doherty in 1935.
Billy Boyd
Des Healey
Jason McCartney poses for a profile photo in 1994.
Mick McGuane took seven bounces and booted a sensational goal in round two, 1994 against Carlton.
Tom Paterson
A view from the Abbot Street wing across the Ladies to the original grand stand before its relocation (1900s).
Gavin Crosisca gets a handpass away during the 1996 round 16 AFL match between Collingwood and Fitzroy.
A view of the social club in 1959.
Phil Carman flies for a mark against Hawthorn in the 1970s.
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