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The complete history of the Mighty Magpies

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Wayne Richardson
Bryan Keith Strauchan
A view from the Abbot Street wing across the Ladies to the original grand stand before its relocation (1900s).
An overhead view of the suburb of Collingwood with Victoria Park in the distance (1880s).
Bob Rush played 143 games for Collingwood.
"Collingwood in late recover" is the headline in the Canberra Times recapping the historic win.
Bill Strickland
James Clement, Anthony Rocca and Rhyce Shaw sing the team song after winning the round 12 match against Sydney at Telstra Stadium in Sydney, Australia.
Albert Collier
The main entrance of Victoria Park located on the corner of Lulie St and Turner St
Jason McCartney poses for a profile photo in 1994.
Dan Minogue
Dick Lee led the league in total goals kicked on eight occasions.
George Blundell
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